Can we drink alcohol on the bus, and can we bring food on the bus?
Yes, alcohol is permitted on the vehicle for anyone who is at least 21 years old. Drinks are not provided, but you may bring your own drinks. Coolers are allowed only on the 25 passenger and 15 passenger buses. The 18 passenger Cadillac Escalade Limo and the 28 passenger bus have built in coolers for you to ice down your drinks, so no coolers can be brought on these buses. Styrofoam coolers and kegs are NOT allowed on any bus. Drinks and cups are not provided. Light snacks are permitted on the buses.

Can we make as many stops as we want?
YES! No set schedule here. Go to as many places as you like.

Do you charge a fuel surcharge?
Any travel outside of a 25 mile radius from Downtown St. Louis may incur a fuel surcharge. Please call the sales office to inquire.

Can we smoke on the party bus?
No, smoking is not allowed on board the party buses. Our chauffeur can stop for as many smoke breaks off the bus as you would like.

Is there air conditioning on the bus?
Yes, it is summer in St. Louis after all. We want our guests to be comfortable and cool. All buses have front and rear air conditioners.

Is the chauffeur’s gratuity included?
We do include a small gratuity of 15% to every reservation for the chauffeur. If you feel like your chauffeur did an awesome job, you are welcome to give them an additional gratuity.

When does my reservation time start and stop?
Your reservation time starts at your requested pick up time, not when we leave our office to come to you. Your reservation time stops when everyone is off of the bus at the drop off location.

Can I hook up my Ipod / MP3 / Cell Phone to the bus sound system?
Yes, all of our buses have an auxiliary plug capability that plugs into the head phone jack of any Iphone, Ipod, or Mp3 player to play all your favorite music. You will be responsible for providing your own auxiliary plug. The Cadillac Escallade Limo uses only bluetooth to connect any bluetooth enabled device into the sound system.

Do you have a dance pole or a bathroom on the buses?
Our 28 passenger bus currently is the only bus with a dance pole. None of our buses have a bathroom on the bus, but the driver will make as many stops as you would like.

Do you require a deposit?
A security deposit of $100 is added to every reservation to ensure that the vehicle is returned in satisfactory condition according to the contract. Every vehicle is inspected after every reservation. If there are any unsatisfactory conditions they will be documented and turned into the accounts department with a dollar value established. This amount will be removed from the $100 deposit and the remainder will be released back to you on the credit card on file. If the assessed amount exceeds the $100 deposit then the additional charges will be applied to the card on file. Any cancellation of your reservation will forefeit this $100 security deposit.